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Receipt Upload

Complete the following steps:
  1. Download reimbursement form and save to your local drive or desktop: Reimbursement Form
  2. Complete reimbursement form, list all travel expenses including miles driven. (Please provide an explanation of your expenses, as they will be approved at the Foundation’s discretion).
  3. Scan or take photos of your receipts and save to your local drive or desktop.
  4. Click on [Select File] under the appropriate heading below and upload your documents. (You may compile all receipts or upload one at a time).
  5. Receipts must be submitted no later than Tuesday, August 20, 2019. Please allow up to 30 business days from Tuesday, August 20, 2019 to receive your reimbursement in the form of a check or wire transfer issued in USD.

  6. Files must be PDF, JPG, GIF, or BMP format.
Please copy and upload all receipts and reimbursement form to the website portal. If you do not have a receipt, you must offer an explanation on the reimbursement form and those expenses will be approved at the Foundation's discretion.

For international residents only: Would you like to receive your reimbursement via wire transfer? This option is recommended.
(Mailing a bank check outside the United States will take several weeks.)